Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homemade vegetable broth

Broths are the base for the preparation of soups, stews, and rice. Usually they are made of vegetables, fish or chicken.  

I lean toward the vegetable version  because  we are mostly vegetarians at home.  I learned to make my own vegetable broth to avoid the excessive sodium and preservatives found in commercial broths. It is also another way to recycle and save. I use this vegetable soup to prepare the Tortilla Soup.

This is very easy. During the week I freeze all the leftovers of the uncooked vegetables that I use for cooking. I put them  in a large zippered bag and keep them in the freezer. When the bag gets full, I boiled them in water in a large pot and poured salt to taste. Then I strain the liquid and freeze it until I need it.

As for the vegetables to be used, it is very simple. Don't get complicated, use what you have in your kitchen. I use the husk of the corn on the cobs, the skin, stems and scrap of onion, peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and oregano, the peel of the potatoes and yams. If you boil potatoes, sweet potatoes or other vegetables,  freeze the liquid because it adds flavor to vegetable broth. This is another way to recycle and save!

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